This Is Amiga-Inspired Doomcore

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This Is Amiga-Inspired Doomcore

Postby Low Entropy » Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:43 pm


the drums are made on newer equipment, the percussion, some extra bleeps... but the rest is all true oldschool amiga 500 sounds. the drones, the pads, lotsa haunting fx...
there is something so special about the sound of the amiga, something magical about 8 bit string samples, pitched to create a melody... which is also quite interesting in music theory, as the typical amiga "demo scene" sound has melodies that are both 12tone monochromatic and diatonic, or in another scale, at the same time... basically each new note transposes a chord to a new key when you use a sampled pad or string in this way... very nice.
so, yes, this sound intrigued me to do some new material in that vein, but, as mentioned, combine it with more "modern" techniques too... the results are somewhere between amiga tracker sound, doomcore, ambient score and a dose of oldschool rave madness.
i assumed it's hard to find a label for this, so i decided to go with a self-release again. maybe someone somewhere can enjoy this...

1. October Track 08:45
2. November Track 1 11:18
3. November Track 2 12:34
4. November Track 3 17:23
5. December Track 1 05:39
6. December Track 2 05:39 ... d-doomcore

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