RELEASE; MR028: Various Artists - H8-Bit vol.2

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RELEASE; MR028: Various Artists - H8-Bit vol.2

Postby MockRadar » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:08 am

RELEASE: MR028: Various Artists - H8-bit vol.2

Released by: MockRadar
Release/catalogue number: MR028
Release date: October 11, 2016
Artwork: ACTechnologics
Genre: Hardcore, Chiptune, Drum and Bass, Industrial, HipHop, Footwork, RaggaCore, Noise, Experimental

The crew at MockRadar are at it again with another installment in their highly touted H8-Bit series. Back by popular demand "MR028: H8-Bit vol. 2" is a brazen assault on video game music style's, beyond the means of bold creative manipulation and audacious disregard for genre staples. By dissecting chip-tune theory and the unabashed destruction of 8-Bit sound, the ever expanding artist roster at MockRadar have delivered yet another unconventional modern subterrestrial masterpiece. Eclectic esoteric audiophiles will revel in the honed precision with which MockRadar has become synonymous in the world of underground electronics. Take a trip alongside old label friends and new roster colleague's on the blistering edge of technique with the MockRadar method, a signature of ingenious quality, innovative mastery, and inventive cacophony.



01. Verdroid - H8-Bit Powr
02. Sexual Prey - H8-Bit
03. Schwanzgefecht - Dämmernder Daimon
04. Dark Industry - ES1868F
05. Schwanzgefecht - Chorin-Kuns Counterattack
06. Sinister Source - Power Up
07. Doktor K - Powered Up, Flowered Out
08. Vojeet - Kawaii Army
09. Catdog - Roofattyshan
10. Cheomap - Crack Your Thumbs
11. SNM - Tactile

Soundcloud Preview:

Get it Here in DDL 320khz .m3:

Or at the MR Bandcamp in .wav:

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