Meta-Morph - Slowcore Attack (Doomcore Records 52)

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Meta-Morph - Slowcore Attack (Doomcore Records 52)

Postby Low Entropy » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:52 pm


A phantom is haunting the Doomcore Scene. Slowcore and Funeral Doomcore. These are genres that take the lowered speed of Doomcore Techno to the extreme - tracks between 100 and 1 bpm!
More and more producers are picking up the Slowcore sound, and Doomcore Records' own Meta-Morph is following on these steps with this one hour long album.
Expect some slow paced, grinding, factory-like pounding, hard hitting drum sounds, that will feel both like a march through cyber territory or your own heartbeat in space ship deep sleep chamber.
The drums are supported by otherwordly, unreal and bizarre ambience sounds.
So if you're ready for something new - check this out!


01. On A Mission From God
02. Nobody Is Ever Free (Slowcore Mix)
03. Burst Into Fire (Slowcore Mix)
04. Temple Of Divine
05. Iron Doom
06. Birth Of Icy Andromeda
07. Apocalypse Soon (Slowcore Mix)
08. Die Herrschaft Des Verbrechens
09. Apocalypse Soon (Different Mix)

Preview+Download: ... ore-attack

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