Body Shame - OPEN SORES (SDM-039) Cassette

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Body Shame - OPEN SORES (SDM-039) Cassette

Postby sdmpdx » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:47 pm

Label: SDM Records
Catalog Number: SDM-039
Release Date: 26-05-2017
Format: Cassette & Digital

1. bbw ffm pov 03:02
2. Bored in Sodom 02:35
3. Thanks, friend... 03:06
4. You look like shit 04:07
5. I don't feel good 03:38
6. Hair and Feces 03:34
7. Weeping Sutures 03:50
8. Sputtering Asshole 04:26
9. Lancing the Abscess 03:57
10. Prolapse 02:30
11. Open Sores 04:34

“[Body Shame – Body Shame is a] cacophony of warped neo-classical strings and spastic speedcore
drumming, Hats and Snares dance like twitching epileptics atsome fucked up rave in the lowest pits of Hell. Free form Jazz style weirdness and strange time signatures fill the air in a chaotic massof aural insanity.”


“Perfect music for a deadly, high speed police chase for future cops neath a radioactive Miami sunset in the year 20XX. Somehow anxious, frightening and relaxing all at once.”
ABATTOIR STALAG, Traumatic Static Webzine

“You can detect the influence of 80s industrial pioneers like Skinny Puppy or IDM kingpins like Aphex Twin and Autechre expanse of slowly desiccating beats, buzzing computer racket, and the occasional intrusion of what might be a melody — all the better to enjoy the ride through every unexpected twist and turn and to make sure you don’t get hurt as the ground crumbles away beneath your feet.”
ROBERT HAM, Oregon Music News

“...patterns emerge– blaring sonic clusters from synths fight for space with scurrying outbursts from the drums to create doomy marches towards oblivion and gleeful rollercoasters meticulously planned to run slightly off-kilter. Every outsider sub-culture of terrifying dystopian electronic sounds came together for a love tryst with free improv, and while the result is an odd spectacle to behold, there is a certain gravitas to its grim intelligence and tightly-controlled bombast. [Body Shame] stands out for its harrowing rawness...[and] takes self-abuse to the level of the sublime.”
MATTHEW SWEENY, Foreign Accents (WebPage Expired)

“fragmented, blasted-out, enveloping, and distressingly beautiful...doom-metal drum hits and concussion-grenade basslines of industrial music, evoking a delicious collaboration between Throbbing Gristle and Prurient.”
ROBERT HAM, The Portland Mercury


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