New Release: Darkstep DS020

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New Release: Darkstep DS020

Postby EDGEY » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:19 pm

New Release: Darkstep DS020 #NewMusicFriday

DS020 marks 20 years of Darkstep!

Listening back to the first release of DSL1.0 originally released on CD – there was already significant diversity in the sound. DS020 captures that diverse spirit moving from dark and hard sci-fi tech-step to grindy dub to glitched out chiptune to straight old-school amen rollers to metal influenced breakcore to dark ambient and everything in between. Although we always joked that Darkstep needed a “2 step Amen plus reese combo, horror movie samples on top and a scary name”, the truth is, the sound was always wildly diverse from the very beginning and has changed and morphed over the years creating a wide variety of music – but always keeping an element of darkness at its core.

Celebrating 20 years – here are 31 tracks from 29 artists nearing 2 and a half hours of Darkstep – while some artists have been a part of Darkstep since the very beginning this release also welcomes some new names keeping the sound alive.

Big thanks to all the artists that contributed their music, and big thanks to the all the Darkstep fans that have supported them over the years!

All Darkstep releases are “Name Your Price”. Be sure to "follow" for future releases!

Enjoy the music and spread the word.


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