Chip Entropy - This Is The Sound Of Chipdoom

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Chip Entropy - This Is The Sound Of Chipdoom

Postby Low Entropy » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:18 pm


1.Polterchip 04:07
2.Stereo Chip 03:54
3.Chip Is The Fever 03:10
4.We Built It On Chip It Will Stand 03:33
5.Emerald Chip 04:57
6.Magenta Doom 05:10
7.64 Knights 04:20
8.Chiptune 02:28
9.Chiptune (Reprise) 04:14

your favorite doomcore tracks get a chiptune crossover! C64 sounds and dark german techno never were so close.
welcome a new dimension of sound - chipdoom!
respect to marc acardipane, miro, the horrorist, dr. macabre, jack lucifer, john selway.

previews+download: ... f-chipdoom

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