Life Runs Dark - Doomcore Records 31

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Life Runs Dark - Doomcore Records 31

Postby Low Entropy » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:22 pm


Doomcore Records is proud to present another release, this time by Life Runs Dark.
On this release we find an interesting mixture, straight Doomcore but also combined with Hardcore and Techno experiments, creating its own atmosphere and style.
This release rises up images of all night dancing in smoke filled club-basements, supported by the pounding, relentless drumming.
Listeners of Dark and Doomed Techno music should enjoy this to the fullest.


1. Purgatory
2. Night Terrors
3. Lost In The Underground
4. Dr. Satan
5. Cold Isolation
6. Zuurkool
7. The Sorrow
8. Project40013036
9. Dark Mennice


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