Erisian /// 28TH OCT /// ED COX & E-Coli [Live] // Lemtek

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Erisian /// 28TH OCT /// ED COX & E-Coli [Live] // Lemtek

Postby erisian » Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:45 pm


Room 1 \\\\ Powered By DNA Soundsystem ////
Erisians Halloween Extravaganza - Gypsycore / Hardtek / Jungle / Ravecore

Back once again with the illest coastal behaviour!

ED COX & E-COLI {LIVE SET} [Life4land / Erisian / Jigsore / Balter]
One Badman accordionista alongside Jigsore's very own Balkan jungle tekcore masta are gracing erisian with a unique ravecore live set.

Off Me Nut head honcho smashing out his unique ravecore flavas. R8 good!

C3B B2B KATCH PYRO [Erisian / Life4Land / Amen4Tekno]
Two of erisians finest teaming up for a rare B2B! One not to be missed.

MAJOR UPSET [Erisian / Lemtek]
A true up and coming artist bringing the best in party to his musical creations... everything from bassline to jungle and even folk. This is REAL PARTY MUSIC for the masses, so get ready to get your skank on!

DEXTRIX [Life4Land / Erisian]
From DnB to Breakcore, this man knows how to do it proper.

Irelands finest going in strong with some rinse out Hardcore and Breakcore.

Room 2 \\\\ Powered By Keep It Down Sounds ////
Lemteks Zesty 4th Birthday - Jungle / Tek / Core / Bassline

Lemtek coming to brighton to bring some jungle, tek, breakcore, gabber and other mind melting, rave up mash up tunes. This event also celebrates Lemteks 4th BIRTHDAY!!!! SO EXTRA FREE CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!

BUSTER [Offmenut / Ransaked]
From the green fields of Gloucestershire to the mean streets of South London, 27-year old Buster Reece is a name to note in the 2015 jungle scene. With influences spanning roots, dancehall, ragga, breakcore and techno, Buster draws on both foundation sounds and nu-skool rave frequencies. Reggae meets rave, and dub sirens clash kick drums. This is the sound of junglist judgement day.

L3FT LUCA5 [Amental/OffMeNut]
After years of meaning to book this complete G, it's finally happening. We look forward to some straight up rave and other silliness, ahh yeahhhhh!

LEMON GIRL [Lemtek / Monkey Dance]
Creator of lemtek, lemon girl will be smashing out a mental mix ranging from tear out jungle, tek, rave, hardcore and breakcore all the way to complete mashup madness....SERIOUS

WOMBCORPS [Amen-tal]
Lemtek is seriously looking forward to welcoming WOMBCORPS to the stage. This girl knows how to throw a rip-your-face-off set together, combining all the gabber kicks and drums you could possibly want.... one word: PENG

Captain Black dishes out hard nasties, unexpected pleasantries and occasional weirdness..parental advisory:explicit content

MORE OR LESS [Lemtek / Monkey dance]
Part of the monkey dance crew, this cheeky chappy will be playing an Amen mashup and a gypsy twist. Expect good party tunes with some stomping action.

IN BEATRO [Lemtek]
Part of the lemtek crew, In Beatro will be smashing out party music from the deepest, darkest corners...expect jungle, dnb, bassline and anything else with a hard, heavy amen.

TROPICAL SELECTA [Tropical Bass Station]
Representing the Tropical Bass Station crew, TROPICAL SELECTA is bringing a whole bag of tasty tropical beats with him. Combining jungle and other bass heavy vibes with elements of Tropical bass. TASTY


\\\\ DAMAGE & INFO ////

11pm - 6am // £8 All Night // THE VOLKS, BRIGHTON

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