Komplete 10 Bundle

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Komplete 10 Bundle

Postby rk9 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:17 am

Okay so I was somewhere totally confised willing to exactly pay for it. (the full price)
But what is your opinion on this little bit expensive producing toy?

The Keyboard/Midi

The actual Software

Thought it was time for a gear debate.
Personally I feel that native instruments finally found out how to make a midi controller actually worth it's money.
There light guide and the easy mode that makes scales easy to produce is helpfull.
So I might be getting this one soon. (I hope at least)

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Re: Komplete 10 Bundle

Postby verdroid » Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:31 pm

It looks cool and fast to work with. Then again, I just don't have an objective opinion on it.
first, i don't know how komplete works. I'm more familiar with ableton.
second, it's software and i like hardware modules on a table with lots of knobs to handle and actually having an outside marriage relationship with them.
and last it's about 1000 euros for the bundle (controller+software)
You can get a second hand electribe emx and esx(sampler) + all of the korg volcas + some fx pedals and a 8channel mixer for that money. That's a complete setup.

anyway, i write this as one opinion and i'm very open for such topic chit chat. If you buy it, i would love to see how you make some stuff with the gear.

Side note:
Actualy i want all of you to see how you perform, compose, jam and stuff.
if youre open to this add my skype: verdroid
leave a message when you add me so i know youre not an old homosexual pervert that wants me

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Re: Komplete 10 Bundle

Postby rk9 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:11 pm

Hi Verdroid

I can do you one better then skype I just got a new relationship with someone in Belgium so I promised her to find more gigs.
So if you know any promotors I contacted a few friends who would tag along in reforming at party's realitvely cheap we are all below 26 so travel expences wouldn't be much. But I will add you on skype when I am exactly leaving Antwerpen damn the wifi here sucks.

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