Gorecore 3 all kindsa wrong for all kindsa wronguns!!

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Gorecore 3 all kindsa wrong for all kindsa wronguns!!

Postby weve » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:18 am

Gorecore 3 all kindsa wrong for all kindsa wronguns!!

If your clinophobia has gotten way out of hand, you need: GoreCore!

Our lab technicians have been raising a crack dance troop for this party... they're in their cages right now, with 24hr gabba enemas to ensure their wrongness is at maximum [felch]. This event has been specically designed to offend all of your scenes in all the best ways!!

all of your scenes will be experimented on by...
Quextal ~ Ghoulish Breakz From Beyond!!
Root 8 ~Horrified Psychedelic Electro Breakz
Mitz ~ Horrifing Hardstyle
Joe Cartoon ~ Terrifyingly Torchered Psy Trance Style
Model 101 vs Savannah Vs Hoffman ~ Broken Neck Breakz
Esion ~ Dangerously Dark Drum & Base
DirtyRatChild ~ Bash Your Own Brains In Breakcore
Rob ~ Mashing together Brain Melting Visuals
don't expect to leave with a soul

So come on down to this Gruesome night of audio & visual abuse fancy dress a must well it gets you in cheaper so why the fuk not pour on the fake blood & get your arses down here & have it harder than the living dead but beware of the quarantine those zombies will get you how ever hot they are!!!!

£3 in costume
£5 not in costume
The King Alfreds Pub Southampton
51~53 Old Northam Road
Southampton, United Kingdom
30 October at 19:00 - 31 October at 02:00

Supah No0b
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Postby dallly » Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:23 pm

sounds good!

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